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The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, part 2

The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, part 2 published on 10 Comments on The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, part 2

Vine: But, uh, Hyacinth, since we’re talking about Angelica. I get why you didn’t want both her and Hazel here — But you could’ve been a little nicer about telling her, maybe?

Hyacinth: You think? I rewrote it a bunch of times, trying to make it as gentle as possible . . . But I did only spend an hour and a half on that. So maybe you’re right and I —

Hyacinth (thinking): — Hang on.

“Get as much on the record as possible . . . Don’t let anyone be used as a go-between, you have to talk directly to each other . . . “

Hyacinth: — Vine? Did Angelica show you our conversation? Like, the actual text?

Vine: Uh, I guess not. She just told me. Why?

Hyacinth: Let me pull it up, real quick . . .

Okay, so it starts here. Can you tell me which parts seem too mean?

Vine: . . . Uh. Hm. Weird. Based on how she described it . . . ? This isn’t what I was thinking you said.

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Now, the question is, was Angelica vagueposting, or twisting words?

Why not both

Vagueposting is just attention-seeking and may be somewhat forgivable. Her actively LYING to Vine would be more difficult to excuse.

I don’t think “twisting words” is actively lying and I don’t think it really matters if Angelica was giving a false impression about Hyacinth being mean because it was what she believed or if it was because she wanted Vine to believe it.

Whether or not someone is being deliberately or accidentally toxic doesn’t change the fact that they’re toxic. What matters is how they react if the effects of their behavior and attitude are brought to their attention.

Is it just me or are you drawing Vine more masc than you used to? Not sure whether to associate his sharper jawline with T, improved drawing ability, age, or wishful thinking lol

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