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The One Where They’re House Pets #1

The One Where They’re House Pets #1 published on 6 Comments on The One Where They’re House Pets #1

Cute-and-fluffy animal AU! With a bonus human!Tiernan.

Thorn is a mutt, yeah, but mostly Belgian Tervuren. Leif is a Maine Coon. (Don’t even ask how long I spent looking up different breeds before drawing this….)


Human!Tiernan: Who’s a good boy? You are! Yes! You’re going to be a fine guard dog, aren’t you, Thorn?

Thorn: Wuff!

Thorn (thinking): That’s right! I’ll stay alert for all kinds of —


Thorn: Hey! Who’s that? Are you a threat?

Leif: Me? Of course not.

I’m just the perfectly-good pet this home already had. The only pet it really needs. A fine, handsome, very-nearly-purebred cat! With the papers to prove it!

And you’re — what? Some big shaggy rescue mutt? No, I am clearly not a threat to you.

Later . . .

Hellhound: GROWL


Hellhound: Yipe!

Thorn: It’s not so bad to be guarded by a shaggy rescue mutt, is it?

Leif: I guess I can start thinking of you as an honorary purebred.

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