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The One Where They’re House Pets #3

The One Where They’re House Pets #3 published on 10 Comments on The One Where They’re House Pets #3

Comments on House Pet AU page 2 were curious what Ragnild and Iona look like in this universe — well, here’s your answer! Plus, a snapshot of how Leif the Gardener translates into Leif the Kitty Cat.

Cat Leif: This house has the nicest yard on the whole block! What else can you expect, when you invest in the best landscaper to take care of it!

Speaking of which — looks like this plant could use some landscaping right now . . .

Huh? What’s that from next door?



Ferret Ragnild: Geez, Iona, what’s the cat’s problem?

Ferret Iona: Dunno, Ragnild. It’s almost like he doesn’t know he’s big enough to eat us.

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Well, if we’re thinking about other characters in this AU… are Thorn’s knights friendly dogs he runs with at a local park? a variety of pets belonging to Tiernan’s last set of roommates? rescues Thorn knew before he met Tiernan?

Ferret is a good choice for the Nibelungsen girls – small and wily enough to get in and out of trouble all the time!

I was gonna say “of course they’re ferrets, the pet AU has swapped every pet owner with their pets, and Ragnild’s Very First Appearance was with Ketil!”

And then I remembered that Thorn is a Dog and Kale is apparently a Cat which means NONE of that lines up, and therefore I don’t know why I thought that at all?

As to the Knights et al, I figured that the Home Cat!Leif mentioned is an apartment complex, and Human!Tiernan is the owner, with Dog!thorn being both pet and ‘working dog’?

Readers who purchased the book/ebook Leif & Thorn Volume 2 can find a “pet forms of the other Knights” preview in the bonus art!

My real struggle is figuring out who to cast as the humans. So few of these characters have pets! I did a Daemon AU drawing a while back that has “designs for animals associated with these humans,” that chould cover part of it, at least…

Oh! It’s been a while since I did a physical book reread of L&T, I’d totally forgotten about that particular bit of bonus art.

Thinking about canon animal companions, I would love to see what Fallon (and the Cerise family) look like swapped. Birds always seem to me like a bit of a challenge to keep recognizable when turned human.

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