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The One Where They’re House Pets, part 4

The One Where They’re House Pets, part 4 published on 9 Comments on The One Where They’re House Pets, part 4

Checking back in with the cutest and fuzziest AU! Now featuring “how do I take Thorn’s dragon-fighting backstory and species-swap it?”

Thorn (narrating): My human’s roommate got the new cat from the place where she works.

He didn’t have his own human. He was sort of a neighborhood stray? They called him Kudzu. Some human noticed he was sick, so they caught him and brought him in . . .

Maybe with a kitten, too? I don’t know what happened to the kitten.

The roommate decided to bring him home! She renamed him Kale. I tried to ask what he wants to be called . . . He didn’t want to talk, though!


Good thing I learned about cats from you, Leif! Or else I probably would’ve said something insensitive.

Leif: You were very sweet and brave, Thorn! Getting close to an apex predator, even though it got you injured.

Thorn: Well, it didn’t hurt nearly as bad . . .

. . . as the time I almost got set on fire!

Leif: The what?

Thorn: Yeah, that’s why I have a limp on this one foreleg. There was this really big, angry human . . .

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oh no, kitten Calyx :,(

I choose to believe that, Much like Human!Thorn’s ‘Charcoal Briquette’ was softened into Dog!Thorn ‘nearly set on fire’, Human!Calyx’s ‘death due to complications (possibly stemming from Northwind’s stranglehold on the region)’ has been softened into ‘Incurable Cough of Death’ that never quite manages to finish them off. That’s why Kitty!Kale lashed out: Calyx lives, and Must Be Protected at All Costs.

Stray who lashes out just because they haven’t been loved in a long time is my fave trope in media starring animals, but oh my god it makes me tear up every time. T_T At least he has Niamh now. Speaking of whom, I love her hoodie!

I think Niamh’s actually the vet in that panel? The vet’s hair matches human Niamh’s previous appearance, anyway, and the wings on the back of the hoodie make me wonder if this might be Fallon, or the familiar to another magical who was involved in Kudzu’s capture in canon.

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