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The Perennials 11/16

The Perennials 11/16 published on 12 Comments on The Perennials 11/16

Violet: . . . and then the list of Crystalpedia articles shows up here.

Blush: Articles on anybody?

Violet: Articles on anybody famous enough you’d want to be caught up on them.

Crystalpedia: Olive Romarin, influential and well-liked senator. Reincarnated to find she had a solid legacy as a party standard-bearer, and built on it to the Presidency.

Radiance Cannelle, lawyer and advocate. Reincarnated as Cymbeline Dupont, hired soon after as legal consul for the Romarin Foundation.

Blush: And then there’s me. Blush Noisette Duval the nobody, reincarnated as Blush Noisette Duval the nobody.

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“You know that in nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important” -Dr Who-

Come to think of it could there be a version of The Doctor in this world? I could see him/(her now) as a long runner who is just instantly reborn as soon as their previous life ends.

Spoiler alert, there is such a person…although s/he runs through “regenerations” a whole lot faster than the Doctor does.

…the Doctor goes through about two a decade…

The Doctor has gone through over 2,000 years before he regenerates into body #13.

Yeah, but wasn’t nearly all of that split between the first and… I think the ninth? Most of them lasted about as long as they did in real time.

Nope, Nine was 900 years old. Most of Ten was in real-time, more or less. Eleven, however, spent a lot of time off-screen, and Twelfth spent an eternity in some kind of Timelord prison…

that whole thing is REALLY complex.
The real 9th regeneration also spent a lot of time off-screen, and didn’t call himself ‘Doctor’. Tennant as ’10’ was 11 and 12(he used the regeneration energy to repair the wound, then threw the rest into a severed arm that grew into a second Doctor with only one heart and no regeneration capability). Matt Smith’s ’11’ was actually the FINAL regeneration of The Doctor’s original 13 Lives. Peter Capaldi was the ’12th’ doctor, but actually represents the first of a new regeneration cycle.

I wonder what the common perception around reincarnation is. If they know it happens, but they don’t know why, and the most famous example is literally an epic figure from MULTIPLE legends…..that’s gotta make for some complexes.
Also, no wonder Cymbeline had the material for a tell-all. Hah.

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