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The Perennials 1/16

The Perennials 1/16 published on 7 Comments on The Perennials 1/16

Person: Excuse me, little girl, are you lost . . . ?

Blush: I’m not a little girl.

Person: Can I help you find your parents, sweetie?

Blush: I’m not anybody’s sweetie.

Violet: Having some trouble there, long-runner?

Blush: I’m not — Why, my goodness, you could tell!

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To answer above- IIRC Long-Runners are reincarnated who have all memories of their past life.

But for their sake, I hope they don’t have Adult Knowledge with a Newborn’s limitations…

Then again, 3 years of not being able to express oneself would make you rather irritable when you’re assumed to be just precocious by ‘grown-ups’ that have only seen a fraction of your memory-span.

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