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The Perennials 14/16

The Perennials 14/16 published on 16 Comments on The Perennials 14/16

Receptionist: You turned up when I was lost too, and led me here. How does that get arranged? I always wondered.

Violet: You would know better than me, Captain!

I assume somewhere in the building is a fire-mage department that foresees when a long-runner needs a pickup, and decides who to send. But all I know for sure is when I’m on-call.

I’m actually surprised you’re still here . . . I thought you wanted to get back on duty with the Order.

Receptionist: Oh, they won’t be allowed to reinstate me for a few more years yet!

There’s a rule . . . not while you’re still shorter than your own heartsword.

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… Yep, sounds like a good rule. I’m surprised that the sword size doesn’t change with the user though. You know, same proportions, different size.

I think it is meant more of rough rule for minimum age and bodily ability. Think about it, several lifetimes of fighting experience or not, they are still in little kid bodies. Even with a super-magical sword the negates the problems of that (sword resizes itself entirely to fit wielder’s proportions), they have all the strength and reach (and everything) of a little kid.

…is this Moss?

…oh, geez, I probably shouldn’t have made their haircuts so similar. That was not intentional. I just got on a roll of designing new characters with undercuts at some point.

No, he’s not Moss. If she was already reincarnated, Thorn’s team wouldn’t still be naming her during memorial/remembrance services, and Violet’s conversation here would have a very different tone than “pleasantly cordial.”

Sooo… if I was a Long-Runner with a heartdagger..?

I don’t think they would let a heartdagger user into the Order of the Chalice, seeing as they are seen as untrustworthy.

Good luck meeting the other physical requirements for military service at age six.

Yeah, people are taking this a bit too literally here…it’s not like as soon as you hit 3 feet tall you get redeployed at full active duty. It’s just an easy-to-remember colloquialism.

(And people with heartdaggers, like those with heartaxes, are likely to be recruited for more specialized service than the Order of the Chalice.)

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