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The Perennials 15/16

The Perennials 15/16 published on 7 Comments on The Perennials 15/16

Violet: I have to get to the gym, but before I go . . . one more question . . .

Has my sister come by the Center recently? Or have you heard from her? At all?

Receptionist: Cymbeline Dupont, right? She’s a valued contributor . . . but she never comes by in person. I assume she’s much too busy.

Violet: She would be, yeah.

Violet (thinking): Building on two lifetimes’ worth of legal work would keep you busy. Of course she doesn’t have time for . . . anything else.

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I just noticed the receptionist’s name and I have one statement and one question.

Statement: Jonquil’s are one of my favorite flowers.

Question: Is he? related to Juniper?

They’re lovely, aren’t they?

Jonquil’s previous incarnation might have been Juniper’s fourth cousin three times removed, but they’re not close relatives. “Sel” is a really common family name — it’s like being named “Silver.” There’s going to be a family connection if you go back far enough, but any two random Silvers probably won’t know each other.

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