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The Perennials 2/16

The Perennials 2/16 published on 6 Comments on The Perennials 2/16

Violet: My sister was one of you. I recognize the signs. Can I walk you somewhere? Keep you from getting harassed on the way.

Blush: Thank you, young lady, that’d be most kind. I’m trying to get to the Second Life Resource Center . . . but I’m a bit turned around.

Violet: Oh, I know that place. Short walk north, past the Old Town Hall. You ever come to Central in your past life?

Blush: Once! But it’s all different now.

Violet: Let me guess . . . folks just called it the Town Hall back then.

Blush: I ain’t that old.

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Sister was one of them? Does that mean her sister is no longer alive then? Or is there some obscure way to stop being a long runner?

‘One of you’ could interpreted as ‘a long-runner who is young enough that people treat them like a child because of their body’s youthfulness.’ which would be a transitory state.

as for stopping being a long-runner… if the only 100% proof in-setting is drawing the exact same heartsword forged by your last incarnation’s soul… does Miss Duval here have a Heartsword scar from birth?

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