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The Perennials 4/16

The Perennials 4/16 published on 6 Comments on The Perennials 4/16

Violet (thinking): Guess that explains why I was the one sent after her.

Violet: Well, I’m not gonna quiz you on identity issues. Get enough of that myself, what with being . . .

Blush: Halfsies?

Violet: Well, yeah, but heads-up, we don’t use that word anymore. “Mixed” has been more polite for the past couple decades.

Blush: Mm . . .

. . . nnngh.

Violet: Whoa! I got you.

Blush: Oh no . . . does this body have something wrong with it? Heart problems . . . anemia . . . diabetes . . . ?

Violet: My bet: this body needs something to drink.

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She was sent? Who sent her, is this a fate thing, or was this ordered/requested?

To the bars!

With the Fire Spirits, there’s a bit of wiggle room to both sides of that. Violet could be ‘fated’ to pick Blush up, but the Order of the Chalice might have been directed to ‘give fate a push’.

Just to save everyone else a trip to the archives: Violet is of Aibreán and Feabhric heritage.

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