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The Perennials 8/16

The Perennials 8/16 published on 8 Comments on The Perennials 8/16

Violet (narrating): Cymbeline wasn’t an actor. She didn’t have money stashed away from her past life. Her old job wasn’t the kind of thing you can pick up from scratch after a couple of decades. Plus, at that point she needed to sleep about fourteen hours a day.

She spent a couple years just catching up on history, advances in science, magic . . . literature.

Cymbeline: Did you finish the last book yet?

Violet: It was so good. I don’t even want to look up fic for it, that’s how good it was. I’m gonna be a knight like that one day.

Cymbeline: Maybe I should write a book. I looked up some of the people I used to know . . . there’s definitely a market for a tell-all.

Violet: Ooh. Who did you know and when did you know them?

Cymbeline: I shouldn’t answer that until I’ve talked to my agent.

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Is it unsettling for anyone else that Cymbelline is pretty much Cybelle?

Friendly reminder that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have been recurring characters in EVERY ONE of her comics, I think. Shard is right, once Erin finds a character design she loves, she sticks with it.

And yeah, it’s fascinating that both characters are adorable centuries-old little girls.

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