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The Perennials 9/16

The Perennials 9/16 published on 18 Comments on The Perennials 9/16

Violet (narrating): She woulda been about your age — physically — when we visited Central to check out the long-runner resources.

You’ll like the Center! It’s set up for people of all heights. I guess it should’ve been obvious she’d been there before . . .

Cymbeline: Whee!

Hi! I’m Cymbeline Dupont. But I’m registered here already as Radiance Cannelle.

Violet (narrating): . . . and that she might have . . . old friends.

Olive: No way. Radiance??

Cymbeline: That’s right!

Olive: It’s Olive Romarin!

Cymbeline: Wow! And you’re older than me now!

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Well, that might help explain all the resources they have for long-runners and why she’s such a popular president.

I’m pretty sure this is before Miss Romarin’s first term this time around. She may have been elected previously, though!

Ah HA.

Is this also part of the rumor mill against her? Or is it unknown, or just Not A Big Deal?

And is it a trend for long-runners to come back Getsunese these days?

It’s well known! That’s how she got elected so “young.” She ran on her record — all of it.

Most long-runners come back as the same ethnicity as their previous body, or closely related. The more distant you go, the less likely it is. Blush Noisette just got (un)lucky.

“Yep its 2525” if that’s the year, that’s pretty interesting considering the third page says Thorn graduated University in 1337

Both of those are gags/references — I’ve been consciously avoiding putting serious years on anything, so that I don’t have to start making timelines and charts. Right now I can handwave any inconsistencies by saying they were from different cultures with different calendars.

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