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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 1/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 1/44 published on 19 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 1/44

And so it begins! Today’s song is to the melody of “Alexander Hamilton.”

Note: I’m going to character-tag based on the historical figures being portrayed. The actors are getting grouped together as “Leachtric actors” unless they’re notable out-of-character. (So, basically, just Cedar and Lynwood.)

We’re not going to play you every note of the wildly popular historical musical Leachtric. But it opens with a number that introduces all the key players, so let’s listen to some clips.

Telga, Star mage. The actress has a mild water affinity, but all magic in the show is created with special effects.

Telga: I fought for her

Mistel, squire. Played by talented teen heartthrob Cedar Oseille.

Mistel: I served her

Artemisia, military leader. Has a current incarnation, who let the props department make this replica heartsword from firsthand study.

Artemisia: I trained her

Political allies. Helped draft the Constitution, assign districts, write campaign jingles.

Win/Brod/etc: I voted for her

And Palmeti, whose current incarnation declined to comment.

Palmeti: And I’m the damn fool that loved her.

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So hang on, does everyone in this world somehow reincarnate?

It increasingly sounds that way. I wonder what percentage of people realize they’re reincarnated.

Everyone reincarnates, but in-universe it’s just a widely-accepted theory, because they don’t have any way to prove it. Most people don’t know the specifics about who they were reincarnated from, unless they’re a long-runner (like present!Palmeti), or can verify it by heartsword (like present!Artemisia).

Is that last panel for the Hamilton/Burr shippers? (I assume such people exist…)

Heck, I’d be surprised if that ship didn’t have a presence before the play.

is that… Acai? Acai was the character with the scarf like that right? or maybe its a cultural thing…

Pretty much what I was thinking…
but on the other hand, a long-runner simply resuming a place high in the government seems like the kind of thing Leachtric was trying to prevent.

Now, if Acai is Palmeti reincarnated, and she won her way back to the top by merit, that’d prolly be fine.

Top right: “How does a bastard”
Left to right across the bottom panels: “orphan son of a whore”
“and a Scotsman dropped in the middle of a forgotten”
“Spot in the Caribbea(n)”

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