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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 18/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 18/44 published on 9 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 18/44

Today’s tune is the Steven Universe song “Haven’t You Noticed I’m A Star.”

Captain: “Telga”? Who sent you down here?

A logical assumption. To stop a Nature-based attack that easily, Telga has to be strong or versatile or both. In a word: trained.

And back in the day, any magical girl in Ceannis who wanted training would go into the King’s service.

Telga: I sent myself.

. . . or become a dangerous rogue. That’s an option too.

Telga (singing)
I can’t help it if I blow your mind
Blocking spells from a wand of any kind

Love the moment when the penny drops
When I wave, a shield,
and when I snap, the rain stops

The actress playing Telga doesn’t do her own magic, so she steals the scene with a powerful voice and a dancer’s fluid moves.

Telga (singing)
Haven’t you noticed . . . I’m a Star?

Also, an excellent sense of timing.

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I really like the magic effect in the last panel! The reflection of it on her hair is a great touch.

Music cipher:
“Havent you noticed that”
“Im a startm
coming into view”
“as the world is turning”
“Hav(ent you no)ticed
Ive made it”
“this far Now everyone
can see me burning”

Random question about magical girl outfits, not sure if it’s been answered yet;

Has there ever been a case of one giving the wearer dysphoria, or do they sort of automatically attune to them- eg, their preferred style of dress/etc? We know they upgrade as they grow in power, but I’m curious about the base aesthetic.

The outfits attune to the wearer’s style, yes! With magical conveniences like the standard “short skirts that never flip up.” And they automatically include features like binders and prosthetics, as needed.

I guess one problem you could run into is, if the person went through a traumatic event while transformed, they might develop a trigger for something about the outfit. In which case it wouldn’t be able to be replaced until the next uniform upgrade.

Does that mean that the outfits can only change at all in an upgrade?

Any significant change, at least.

(I’m thinking of the moment in Sailor Moon when the main character gets an upgrade via a new magical item, and there’s enough spillover power in the room that her kid gets flashy new hair clips just from exposure. So that kind of minor change could happen for other reasons.)

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