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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 19/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 19/44 published on 8 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 19/44

Captain: If you’re taking care of this district, we’ll leave it to you.

Telga: I am. Shoo.

Leachtric: Don’t you want to deputize her before we go?

Captain: I’m not recruiting her. We only did that to keep her busy. As soon as the rain is over and we can spare more powerful mages . . .

. . . we’ll come back and slap her in power-blocking cuffs.

Kale (thinking): Way to undercut a solemn ominous moment, hallucinations.

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I don’t mean to undercut Kale’s suffering in any way, but I would pay for the DVD if it had a mode where you could watch with Kale’s hallucinations active at all times, because that’d a) make for a great drinking game and b) be very amusing to watch.

…Is it wrong I can at least agree that you don’t want vigilantes running around during a storm like this?

I can agree IRL, and in certain situations. However, seeing as this is a world where the vigilante can (I assume) control water, which would be useful in a storm, and is protecting citizens from unfair treatment by the authorities by initially non-violent means, I personally side with the vigilante in this situation.

That depends on the alternative. If the vigilantes are reasonably conscientious and effective, and I was the understaffed authority who was supposed to be in charge of keeping what the vigilantes were taking care of… I’d want to see about recruiting them and training them in whatever manner allowed me the least damage to my bottom line. Because I’m sure understaffed comes with being underfunded. That said, I’d want to keep that on the downlow enough that I could complain to my budget-minders that they’d underfunded me so much that private citizens were having to step up and do the job the people I was supposed to have but didn’t weren’t doing. And if I managed to get that funding, they’d be the first official recruits I tried to get with said funding.

But if they seemed to want to take advantage of their local hero status in inappropriate ways, or they did more harm than good, I’d want to shut them down – but I’d certainly wait until I had nothing more pressing.

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