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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 21/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 21/44 published on 9 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 21/44

Outside again.

Plumber: Hi! Are you the specialist they sent in for the plumbing?

Bram: That is CORRECT!

I offer high-quality FIRE MAGIC and other services, provided they can be accomplished ABOVE GROUND. MAGICAL BRAMBLE has arrived!

Plumber: Well, our problem is in the pipes — we have a basement, but it hasn’t spread that far — so you should be fine. Hey, do I know you from somewhere?

Bram: Almost certainly THE NEWS.

Plumber: Ohh! You were the magical man from the mine collapse! You’ve gained a lot of weight since being on the news. Congratulations!

Bram: THANK YOU. My doctor says the SAME THING.

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The idea of his cheat day terrifies me.

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