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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 33/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 33/44 published on 8 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 33/44

Cedar Oseille thinks fast.

Mistel (thinking, ooc): The thing must be broken. My cue isn’t coming.

Mistel: Aaaaugh!

Leachtric: Mistel!

Hold on!

Leachtric (thinking, ooc): That wasn’t from the cue. Did Cedar really fall?

Mistel: Invisible water . . . the worst kind . . .

Leachtric (thinking, ooc): This kid is going to go far.

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Kudos on the improv there, Cedar!

Chairman… that’s two faults in the pipes now. Maybe think about evacuation?

And risk a crowd of angry fans lashing out? We need at least 3 faults before considering that.

Does a member of crew eaten on stage count as a fault?

Did the audience see it?

If yes, is it likely that they will realize it’s not part of the script?

It requires two yeses for mere crew members lives to matter like that. This may not be Sønheim, but there is a crowded theater involved. At least in the US, that means it’s actually illegal to yell ‘fire’, except as part of the show. Of course, there are ways to trigger an evacuation without doing that, and if this were in the real world, probably one of them would’ve been used. One of the ones that says everybody gets refund tickets to see the rest of the show at a later viewing.

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