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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 35/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 35/44 published on 20 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 35/44

Random note: I’ve ended up with a couple extra pictures for the Tumblr Q&A posts, character images that I haven’t had a place to use. So if you have any questions for Kale+Niamh, or for Bram, now would be a helpful time to ask!

Del: I know exactly where we need to look. He’ll be in this wing.

Plumber: Madam Chairwoman, if you’ll just come look — it’s in this wing —

WiB: . . . Wow.

Del: I suppose he’ll be staying there for a while.

Plumber: Well??

Chairwoman: I suppose I ought to order that evacuation now.

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Ya think lady? I hope the cops and fire marshal have words with her.

Why would the fire marshal get involved? As far as I can see there is no fire involved in this (Magical Bramble notwithstanding)

Fire departments in major metro areas usually take the lead in any large scale public disturbance, in this case proper procedure once an emergency situation is known and must be acted on. If this had been a fire and the same call made, odds are they’d be taking bodies out. That kind of “What if?” really pisses of first responders when people decide the rules for such a situation are secondary.

Blocked hallways and entrances/exits are a safety hazard. In the event of a fire, those need to be clear, particularly in a public venue such as a theatre.

A Fire marshal has a few common responsibilities – investigating the origin and cause of a fire, and enforcing fire safety regulations.

Since the Chairwoman wouldn’t evacuate earlier, when she was told by specialist MAGICAL BRAMBLE, and despite having called in a “full federal defense team” (in her own words, mind you)… she can most likely be charged with at minimum some sort of willful neglect or endangerment.

(I’m pretty sure neither neglect nor endangerment are the right term, but I’m not sure what IS, so those are the closest things I can put into words.)

A department of health and safety could come after her, too, or whatever organization manages the cities water system. (A water spirits union, perhaps?) After all, by the time we found out a defense team was called, they’d had to shut down four restrooms in one wing, and that was only a handful of scenes in-play ago. Now we’ve got other sections of the plumbing failing in the theatre proper, and it’s grown into the halls.

Even without whatever has to happen to get rid of this, the affected pipes are probably going to need replacing, at minimum.

… I’ve lost track of what i was saying. Drat.

… I feel really sorry for the plumber. “Convincing the chairwoman to listen to sense” is probably NOT in their job description.

I’m not a lawyer, but I had a roommate go through law school, so I heard a few things. I think at least in the US (except possibly Louisiana), the terms you would be looking for would be ‘willful negligence’ and ‘endangerment’. I’m also not a teacher, teaching assistant, or professor, but I’ll give you a B+. 😉

If I were playing a prosecutor, I’d have half a dozen other charges to throw, just to see what stuck.

Ooh questions!
Kale+Niamh: What was getting soulbonded like? Did you pick each other for the ritual?
Bram: What’s your favourite spell?

At the time Kale was in involuntary confinement, and getting a service animal was one of the conditions of his release. So they brought in a squad of puppies, and one of them came right up to him, and he started petting her…basically she picked him. (The actual bond was way more helpful than he anticipated. He just knew if he went for it, they’d let him keep her as a pet.)

Bram’s favorite “most useful” spells are the healing-related ones, and his favorite “fun” spell is the ability to turn any beverage into a sparkling beverage.

I love Kale, Niamh, and Bramble, but my only question (what caused Kale’s PTSD/etc.) seems unlikely to be answered in a Tumblr Q&A, right? 😉 Maybe give us a hint???

Does getting a soulbond cause any changes in the human/animal bonded? For example, would a human getting a soulbond with a dog be more attracted to the kinds of foods dogs would like?

What animals can be bonded, besides cats and dogs? Is there ANY animal for bonding which would be vegetarian?

Basically anything that’s sufficiently smart and domesticatable is a potential option.

But there are practical considerations too. They aren’t gonna give you a soulbond with an elephant, because you couldn’t bring it in the theater. So cats and dogs are most popular, along with several species of bird.

It makes the animal smarter, and it can subtly alter the human’s preferences. Nothing life-changing — if you’re a vegetarian, you won’t have unbearable cravings for meat after bonding with an obligate carnivore. But Thorn does like fish more than he used to.

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