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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 40/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 40/44 published on 12 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 40/44


[house lights on]

Thorn (thinking): It’s a good thing nobody’s tried to sneak up on us for the last half hour, because I would not have noticed.

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Erin- got another worldbuilding question for ya!

Re; reincarnated. Let’s use Rhódon as an example, but not as a defining one;

Has there ever been a reincarnation with an incredibly different personality than their previous? Obviously nobody’s going to be the same, but let’s say Leachtric was not the kidn to take responsibility in this case no matter what.

…or, in another example, a hero became a villain.

Does that ever happen, or is there a general ‘base’ that keeps the soul in a general same direction (circumstances aside) every reincarnation, or…?

Could’ve sworn that was on the wiki, but then I checked and nope, I left it out. (Fixed now!)

The same soul draws the same heartsword, and those are shaped by your personality, so yes, every soul has a set of basic traits that stay consistent from one reincarnation to the next. Leachtric might have made different choices if she was raised a different way, or facing different circumstances, but she always would’ve tried to find the responsible thing to do for the greater good.

That leaves the implication that free will is rather questionable here though.

Not necessarily.

From what I’m gathering with Erin, she shares a viewpoint I have for another setting; think of the soul ‘base’ as a specific mixture of clay. Think of its experiences as what shapes the clay.

Some clay takes better to some shape or another.

Why? If I say something like “I would never murder someone,” that doesn’t make it questionable that I have free will. It just means I have a non-murdery personality, and will make choices that are in-character for that personality.

Ah, so it works more like the Dax symbiote in DS9? You have the background, but you’re still your own individual?

Not familiar enough with DS9 to be sure of the specifics…but no, it’s not like being two entities in a symbiotic relationship, it’s like being a person with a consistent personality.

The Symbiote in DS9 were basically organic external hard drives for memories of past hosts there was something I came to a bleeding effect where certain traits would be passed to the new host but it is not directing their personalities per say for example jedzenia who was the host for the first part of DS9 took up Klingon martial arts after she got the Symbiote wich fit with 2 previoys hosts one was a dancer or gymnist but tge most recent befire her knew klingon martial arts too

The interesting one was the literal psychopath who was a previoys host who cause some interesting impulses on Jadzeia and Ezri (the only 2 hosts that knew of him)

Personality isn’t really as much of a thing as people make it out to be. It’s mostly an excuse to blame situational issues on intrinsic difficulties (‘when i’m snippy it’s because I’ve had a bad day, when someone else is it’s because they’re an asshole’ for example)

Most people behave similarly in similar situations. (Most people also are not murdery, thankfully).

It does exist, but most people wouldn’t be able to pick their personality out of a lineup. For example, I probably couldn’t distinguish my own personality from a generic conspiracy prone individuals, other than that i’m right, and my ‘conspiracies’ are in plain sight but often unacknowledged.

With 8 billion people on the planet, even if i am as distinct as a snowflake that still means there’s nearly 20 million people like me (snowflakes are about 1 in 46k). Personally, i feel empowered knowing that whatever wherever I’ve been emotionally, many someone elses have probably trodden the same path.

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