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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 43/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 43/44 published on 17 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 43/44

Actor (Palmeti): I didn’t even get to do my solo . . .

Lynwood: Wait! I forgot Rhódon’s sword!

That’s a historical artifact — we can’t leave it behind, I have to —

Actor (Artemisia): Lynwood! It’s a prop.

Lynwood: . . . Right. Eheh.

Actor (Artemisia): Although I didn’t forget mine.

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[deep breath]
if you sneak back in to try and get that sword I will slap you

Now you’ve made me think of a little scene in which she covertly reassumes the blade later.
as Thorn said ( in a non-canon discussion) when asked if there were any incarnations of Rhodon since Leachtric: “Not as far as the public knows! I like to think that’s a good sign. If we needed her, she’d come back. Since she hasn’t, we must be doing okay.”

Well, technically, if Rhodon/Leachtric are reincarnating and living out entire lives without feeling the need to assume power, I would guess Thorn’s assessment is right. And it seems like it would be completely in character to choose to be an actor who plays Leachtric. “What? No, this isn’t the Blooming Sword, it’s just a prop! I didn’t pull it out of my chest, that was just stage magic!”

CAN there be real historical artifact? I would consider more likely the heartswords will vanish when you kill their owner, but it wasn’t confirmed yet …

I’ll confirm that now — the heartsword can’t stay corporeal after the soul has left the body.

Can a heartsword be left behind? Can someone else wield your heartsword, say if you’re too injured to do it yourself? What happens to a heartsword that’s ‘out’ if you draw another one?

Well we know that heartswords can be dispelled as an option vs resheathing them, and that they can only be carried so far away without the owner’s blessing, so I’d lean towards technically yes for your first question [but it’d be more likely to be dispelled], yes for the second question [with the owner’s permission, although there might be a social taboo considering there’s debate about whether heartswords are literally souls], and that you’d need to dispel it or resheathe it before you can draw another one.

It’s an absolute yes on ‘can you lend the blade out?’

In a “What if Clover(Thorn’s deceased mother) got treatment for her bipolar disorder?” story Erin posted, while Thorn was recovering from the Wyrm, he lent his Heartsword to his mother to trim the hedges. His Heartsword was still as good as ever.

I got another questions after this overly specific answer: do vampires still have souls? Can vampire have heartsword?

Vampires do have souls, so in theory they could draw heartswords. In practice, none of them have ever gotten bored enough to sit through the classes.

And now that you mention it…extended vampirism might be the one thing that can alter the form of a person’s heartsword. To a more goth version of itself, obviously.

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