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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 5/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 5/44 published on 17 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 5/44

Violet’s training was a few years later than Thorn’s and Juniper’s, but the basics haven’t changed.

Violet (flashback): There’s so much historical information in these records! I can’t wait to read the ones on our swords.

Rowan (flashback): Is that really the most exciting thing here?

Broadsword! I knew it! Let’s go see if it’s on file.

Violet: Is that the only one? It’s barely legible.

Rowan: Believe it or not, I’m as disappointed as you are.

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Hell yeah, slide for life! Man that was a tough sucker.

So you’re allowed to have facial hair in Ceannic basic training?

Isn’t that a little goatee on Rowan? In the 2nd panel, it’s small. In the 3rd panel, it’s partially blocked by the pommel of Violet’s heartsword. In the 4th, there’s a teeny bit of it in the outline of his chin. I had to look for it, but since I was curious about that same thing (facial hair there?) I did. Of course, I’m still cross-eyed bleary, so…. maybe I’m just seeing what I expect to see. 😀

…I feel like it’s a good thing Rowan couldn’t make it.

“Every schoolchild should know we were eight months into the fourth war by this point.”
“That story comes from a Sönheic joke book!”
“He had two husbands by the time they met.”
“This happened after practically the entire play!”
“See, here they’re consolidating characters…”
“This should all be after the ratification.”
“Here, this is actually a common misconception – Palenti didn’t actually go to this extreme until…”

What personality represents broadswords again? It’s amazing that there is only ONE record of a broadsword in history.

Suddenly, I’m wanting to see an AU with the Tick with a spoon heart weapon.

Sure, it’s blunt, but he has the strength to make it draw blood. And he wouldn’t cut someone with it if it was sharp anyway…

Wait, is the way she’s drawing it in the third panel so the blade is horizontal, perpendicular to the scar?

Although, I’d assume she doesn’t have the scar yet as iirc it takes repeated drawings of a heartsword to get the scar, I also assume the scars are vertical as the blades are vertical when drawn.

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