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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 6/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 6/44 published on 15 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 6/44

Meanwhile . . .

Attendee: Gyah!

Second stall from the door in here is badly backed up. Send a tech or something.


Staff (thinking): Until the plumber shows up, this will keep anything from getting worse.

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Question for readers, in light of upcoming prompts for #LGBTWIP on Twitter:

What would you say is “the scariest/darkest line” in the strip so far?

Depends what you mean by darkest? Plenty of things could be taken out of context if you just want “lines that sound dark”. Do you want “things that sound dark” or “things that are dark in context”? Because if it’s the latter then I’d say… I don’t remember the exact words but the whole thing with Leif seeing “nearly dying from vampire-related blood loss” as an honor was pretty dark, because of all the implications that come from that scene alone.

Possibly stupid question: Why are the people just colored outlines/blobs? In my whirlwind catch-up, did I miss something explaining what it means when people look like that?

Is that just how all unnamed characters look, and I didn’t notice because they’re usually in crowd scenes, where I expect that it, but I’m noticing it here because each one is just by themselves, not in shadow or anything, etc.?

As for “dark / scary”, the PTSD flashback scenes of Thorn during (I think) “Incredibly Platonic”. Even the still scene, as opposed to the “flicker fires” version, was very, very potent for me.

As for perhaps all of a storyline together? Not sure, but yeah, the one with Leif being “lunch” was pretty dang disturbing. Just how brainwashed he needed to be to submit “willingly” to being eaten, even if not completely consumed. And, his emotional trauma and struggles as he recovered, along with the quality of care he received being, somehow, a “gift”. Add in just how blase the guards were at his bloody condition, and the trapping and stalking of the child and author, and, I guess, everything.

OK, gonna stop thinking about it now. I forgot just how strongly my own experiences actually resonated with that whole storyline. {{Now focusing on (((SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS! KITTENS AND PUPPIES!! FLOWERS AND FRESH BREEZES!!!)))…. yeah}}

So, what types of theater superstitions are in Ceannis and the rest of the L&T world? We’ve got ‘not saying good luck’, and there’s the whole deal with ‘You Do Not Mention The Scottish Play.’ Is there anything similar around here?

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