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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 7/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 7/44 published on 7 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 7/44

Back on stage.

Side character 1: Can you believe that guy at the bar? Didn’t support our King, didn’t support our troops . . .

Side character 2: I know! I was so glad he got thrown out.

You can tell all he really wanted was a government handout anyway. There’s a war on, and this special snowflake thinks his village is entitled to all kinds of luxuries.

Side character 1: Right?? A real patriot would learn to make do without . . . what was it . . .

Side character 2: “Drinking water.”

Side character 1: That’s the one.

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Wonder if the girls’ expressions mean they are sympathizing with the jerks or are being put off by what they are saying (if they understand what is being said).

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