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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 9/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 9/44 published on 5 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 9/44

Woman in Black: Can they really tell what kind of heartsword you’re going to have before you pull it?

Del: Most often, yes.

Your driving traits and motivations make themselves clear over the course of training. Instructors learn to recognize the common types.

Rarer types like mine tend to confound the system. Of course I was scouted by someone who knew the signs, but I’m not certain if the regular staff ever guessed.

The regular staff, trying to guess.

Artie: Twenty crowns says that kid pulls an axe.

Gerri: I’ll take that bet. My money’s on an unusually broad sabre.

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Wonder if similar bets are made by the students. While most of them probably don’t know the personality links to heart swords as well as the instructors we have been shown Rowan and Violet having guessed (correctly in Rowan’s case).

I’d be gobsmacked if there’s not at least FOUR “What’s your Heartsword type?” quizzes on The Network. One for not-Buzzfeed (10 questions), one that’s favored by Tumblr-kind(25 questions), One that’s actually assembled from records and strives to be as accurate as you can get with self-testing (400 questions, at least three-quarters of which are restating previous questions to more accurately gauge the individual), and one that just gives everyone ‘Backsword’ (practical and determined) unless you foul your results by deliberately answering in an attempt to get not-backsword… in which case it gives you rapier.

Research Fail on my part.

Our Esteemed Author Erin already confirmed that there ARE quizzes in the comments on the page for Thorn Explains: Heartswords.

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