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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 10/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 10/55 published on 4 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 10/55

Kale: If it was a dangerous person there would be police, right? So it’s probably something magic. So I can —

. . .

Okay, I’m glad you’re here. Even with you, it’s hard to believe I’m not hallucinating this.

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kale please step away from the big plant before bad things happen

To Kale or to the plant?

I’d have to say BOTH.
Given we saw Bramble needing to explode his way out of a tangle just a few pages ago, it’s a persistent bugger of a plant. Also, it’s taken over a good portion of the building in the span of maybe 1 1/2 to 2 hours – depending on how long Leachtric’s first act is.
But since Kale has his ~~mysterious backstory~~, who KNOWS what havoc could be wrought.

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