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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 14/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 14/55 published on 6 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 14/55

Working opera security in the first panel is a Patreon cameo from Barbara. Sign up to support Leif & Thorn for your own in-universe appearance that stands out from the crowd.

Theater floor.

Guard: Please move calmly and quietly toward the exit.

Audience member: Can I help? I’m a med tech. For real, not for cosplay.

Woman in Black (thinking): Good . . . that’s everyone out. Not that they’d remember me anyway, but I’d rather not mess with well-meaning security people.


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Hovershoes! Certain theories may be a bit more realistic, now.

Secret service usually have some technology not available to general public … look at James Bond.

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