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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 17/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 17/55 published on 20 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 17/55

Question for readers: If you were trying to find Leif & Thorn (say, on a new computer) but completely blanking on the title, what phrases would you google to look for it?

(Optional bonus level: actually google the phrase you thought of, and tell us what turned up!)

Iona: You can fly?

WiB: You’re . . .

Iona: You can fly!

WiB: I’m a magical girl, okay? Now hop off.

Iona: You don’t look like a magical girl.

WiB: Sure I do.

Iona: You’re not even in a good disguise!

What kind of magical girl wears a black trenchcoat and a shirt you get out of a catalog?

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My first thought is “fantasy jewish gay webcomic” and I’m not sure even why but that’s what popped into my mind.

Second is “heartsword gay webcomic” and that pulled up the Leif and Thorn tvtropes page first, and Leif and Thorn is further down the page after google’s done its thing of showing pages that don’t include all the words I asked for.

But if I was looking for the comic, I’d do what I usually do and retrace it, going to the tumblr I originally found it via the comic where the two of them could kiss. (I browse the short comics tag sometimes.)

I suspect magic slave webcomic can’t kiss gay etc wouldn’t be too helpful in pulling up what I’m looking for.

Iona: Champion of Not Putting Up With Your Vague, Mystical Nonsense, two years running.

My Search Terms for L&T would be the same ones I used before a permalink on Cat Person was established: “Shine Heaven Now author other comics”. This yields the TVTropes page for ASHN, then the Comicgenesis/keenspace site, then the site on the domain.

That said, I normally navigated here via BIaCP, but that would be a rather useless answer to the question posed.

Especially since Magical girls(and boys, and any other category) don’t actively control their ‘look’ when powered up, but can cover it up with conventional clothing.

That leaves the thought of a Magical who, most of all, wants to keep being Magical on the D/L, while still accessing their power. Perhaps by their ‘cape’ being a plain, serviceable duster; the clothing beneath appearing prêt-à-porter, rather than extravagant and tailored?

@the page- I was going to say that, for someone in her profession, the Woman in Black isn’t a very good liar. Then I realised, considering her power, she probably doesn’t need to be.

@reader question- Honestly I’d just use the stupid roundabout method that led me here to begin with- check my Smackjeeves favorites, find But I’m A Cat Person, and go to the L&T site from there. If I’d forgotten BICP’s name I’d… well, same thing, but find it by the art and not the name. If I couldn’t remember the art… I’d be SoL, unless I remembered L&T, in which case discovery process but backwards.

Judging by attempts before I learnt the name, probably “Lief fantasy romance comic” [dunno why I thought his name was spelt that way for so long….], or via BICP.

Otherwise “bilingual fantasy romance comic” which brings up a lot of collections from goodreads/barnsandnoble/amazon.

Iona sees through your lies with absurd ease.

As for the question, every-time I’ve migrated to a new computer I’ve exported my bookmarks after backing them up earlier in the day so I’ve never had that problem. But, hypothetically, since I follow Erin on Tumbr I’d probably find my way back to the comic that way.

I would probably search for “But I’m a Cat Person” and find my way here based on your name. That’s obviously not in the spirit of your question however.

Searches for “Gay knight” “bilingual” and “PTSD” with comic were unsuccessful. It was adding “heartsword” to the search that ultimately led to a successful search.

Another option would be to use the LGBT filter on Top Web Comics.

From that page I tried Ctrl+F looking for “knight” without success, but “bilingual” worked.

Considering I have “But I’m a cat person” linked from my homepage, I would likely just google myself and go from there.

However, if for some reason I really wanted to find the comics by keywords, I would use combination. There are lot of pages for vampires and lot for heartswords, but both? You are second and third link (Thorn Explains Heartswords and Vampire Masquerade 56/66), and rest of page are false positives with heart and swords separate.

@comics & Shard: Not only she doesn’t need to be good liar, most people are not able to realize her shirt is out of catalog or what color it has.

@Iona, probably the kind who doesn’t expect people to be able to perceive what she’s wearing! I’ll laugh myself silly if at least part of the getup is pajamas.

Assuming for the sake of the exercise I’ve also forgotten the author name and the name of anything else you’ve written my first try was “swedish webcomic swords m/m”, which gets you a comic called Sword Princess Amaltea, and some unpleasant news articles. My second go was “bilingual webcomic m/m”, which has Leif and Thorn on the first page for both image and regular search. Success!

Can’t help with the googling thing, but commenting normally is a-ok in my head!

It’s not just that she gets the shirt out of a catalogue, but she likely gets it out of a *Sønska* catalogue. I’d guess S-mart.

The patterns on it definitely look more like what we’ve seen of casual wear on folks from Sønheim, but the cut is intended for wear in Ceannis. We’ve mostly seen rounded collars from Sønheim, but the pointed cutout on WIB’s shirt is common on Ceannic wear.

Since S-mart is, to quote Erin from the comments on the above link, “the biggest chain in Ceannis for imported Sønska merchandise”, it makes sense that they would carry shirts that could be worn in the decidedly warmer Ceannis as well, so that immigrants and such could keep their aesthetic but not, like, die of heatstroke or something.

My thought process: ‘Let’s see… it’s got magic, it’s based around an embassy, I should probably say it’s a comic… umm… OH! I know! “Woman in black”‘

Searches ‘magic embassy comic “Woman in black”‘
Results: some images of “Astonishing” comic book covers followed by “Leif & Thorn (Webcomic) – TV Tropes”

Google bites – well, my Googling bites. Putting ‘knight’ into my query (gardner knight fantasy webcomic) shouldn’t pull up The Gardener since there are no knights there and it’s not a fantasy, but I first get hits for that. (It’s a good comic, BTW!) Putting “knight” in quotes makes it drop off, so Google is to blame, not just my horrible search-fu! Putting quotes around “fantasy” as well helped – now I get hits for other pages that link to Leif & Thorn.

But really, with a name like Leif & Thorn, how could I forget?! 😉 (Plus I’m horrible at mimicking amnesia, apparently.)

Er, we won’t talk about how including “fantasy” is a mistake because of *other* results that show up in my search. Nope. ;-P

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