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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 30/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 30/55 published on 3 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 30/55

Ragnild: She was pretty? I didn’t notice.

Iona: Are you for serious? She was gorgeous. Like she could be a model or something.

She had silky dark red hair, and sparkly eyes, and she was so graceful! Like a dancer! Maybe she’s a dancer by day, and a magic first responder by night!

Ragnild: Who are we talking about, again?

Iona: The woman who got you down from the balcony!

Ragnild: Uh, Iona . . . I rode your chair down. Same as you did.

Iona: How do you not remember this?? It just happened!

Ragnild: Sounds like you hit your head on the way down.

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Oooh, interesting, so the WiB’s protections basically fill in a believable version of the events for the people who forgot her.

Or alternatively, the WiB is some sort of ‘outsider’ to the timeline, and when she pops in and out people forget about her because she’s not part of that timeline, and the thing they remember is the version of events that would have happened if she hadn’t shown up.

Like if she hadn’t shown, Ragnild would have just floated down on the chair like Iona did, and that’s the version that Ragnild remembers.

If it would be time-traveling effect, it would probably 1) work on future!Thorn as well 2) work also on devices and not just people. People are generally good at filling blanks, so I think them filling the gaps in memory themselves seems most likely. Note that if the chair wouldn’t break, they would likely try to get someone else down as well.

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