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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 31/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 31/55 published on 14 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 31/55

Thorn (thinking): Do I trust him? Whatever he did . . . it didn’t make the news and he wasn’t put in jail. And he’s in treatment.

With a canine soulbond . . . That could mean he was manipulated. Maybe he’s never hurt a fly outside of that person’s influence.

On the other hand . . . his therapist still either can’t or won’t have the bracelets taken off.

Thorn: Kale . . .

. . . can you look me in the eye and tell me that I can trust you?

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Thorn’s only going to take off the bracelets if Kale looks away, isn’t he? Because that would mean that Kale feels guilty about what he did, and isn’t trying to con him. This is a terrible test, because if Kale is untrustworthy, and good at manipulating people, he could see through this test and give the correct answer.

my god, Kale, how is your crush getting this bad this fast???

While I love the idea of a crush, I’m leaning more toward the idea that Kale is touch starved. He has severe hallucinations and isolates himself from people. Thorn is like, the only person he talks to now, and not even that often, and they don’t know each other well. I don’t think Kale gets touched very often at all.

Hardly a good point. Thorn had no idea that he was watching and was concerned about consent. Thorn is smart enough to realize that a team is moving into position and will be able to handle the situation. Compare that to the fact that Thorn has no idea of what Kale is capable of beyond “Needs two limiters” and “Admitted murderer”. Saving Kale from the vines? Good. Letting Kale loose without realizing the full facts? Bad.

For some reason I thought I saw “my trust” there. Right, in that case I’ll just add that he’s not in prison, and he lives in the same government apartment building as Thorn does. And this is a fantasy universe where they have different laws, so if he’s allowed to live like that, he’s most likely seen as trustworthy to some degree, otherwise he’d be most likely incarcinated – otherwise why would they let a mass murderer be out and liive in a government building where active officers are? That would be a brilliant place for a spy or etc., so most likely only cleared people are in there.

Also the vines seem to be growing fast, perhaps he’s worried that they might reach their box soon and could kill or hurt them or other people, and he doesn’t know when exactly is the response team going to arrive – which, btw, right now is just one guy and two mystery people that no one knows about (the phone tablets are not working, right?). If he has a contact to the outside, then yes, he should definitively ask when are they going to arrive (which would be that they’re already there, and it’s not going as well as they planned, unless the mystery duo would reply as well). And narratively you can see the story points to him (both from Thorn and the reader’s perspectiive) being good, so you’re probably supposed to assume from Thorn’s panel here that according to his knowledge of laws handling murderers (and the news) he should be okay.

As to your point about why they’d let him run free, frankly I personally consider the Ceannic government to be a mixed bag. They either let their emotions rule a little too often (Ex: Thorn not immediately reporting Sonheim’s efforts the second he knew about them) to borderline negligent as in your point right here. You DON’T let mass murderers with mental illnesses live among the general population. That is called “Asking for trouble”. The fact that said mass murderer has magic powers only makes this worse.

I would think he’d be okay, but I’ve already seen Thorn make boneheaded decisions before and honestly don’t have the ability to trust he won’t again. He knows Sonheim sees Leif as a tool and himself as a target, yet he still goes out with Leif thinking it’s apparently a fun little game to subvert Sonheim’s attempts to spy on him rather than a serious security threat. And from the perspective of the narrative, I don’t see him being good. I see him as a man with an illness that has the capability to hurt many people if he isn’t properly cared for, and cutting those bands is part of that care. I’m judging Thorn from the perspective of the officers I know, and not a one of them would be willing to cut those bands knowing Kale is a mass murderer on the slim chance he might be “better”.

I love Kale’s story so much. Poor guy. The way it’s been trickled to us since the very start of the comic.

That it’s not taking the route of having his mental illnesses be the reason why he murdered a lot of people, thus feeding into the whole people with mental illnesses are dangerous. I like how both Thorn and Kale deal with their own trauma.

Poor Kale so isolated from everyone that Thorn is the closest he even has to a friend. But at least he has Niamh. I am hoping that he did what he did because he’s loyal, and very easily manipulated, due to his illness. I don’t want him to turn evil. I don’t want him to be a villain. I want him to recover, to have friends.

I want Thorn to be right here.

And he’s asking, so we can see Kale’s eyes, and we can get the big reveal?

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