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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 36/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 36/55 published on 12 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 36/55

And as long as I’m raising suspense, don’t forget…the Leif & Thorn Volume 1 Kickstarter goes live on MONDAY!

Full disclosure, I’m actually pushing the button late Sunday night. You can follow my account on Kickstarter or sign up for email updates to be notified at the exact minute, and get first crack at those early-bird rewards. Or just wait to see the link in Monday’s strip — you’ll still be pretty early if you catch it right when it goes up.

Thorn: You were trying to tell us something a moment ago.

WiB: Never mind. You’ll find out later, from sources you can actually remember. Don’t worry . . . it has nothing to do with either of you. For once.


Lynwood: Cedar??

Cedar: Nnngh . . .

Actor (Telga): We’re ten feet from the door. Someone run outside and get ahold of a med tech.

Actor (Winberie): You go! I’m in a ridiculous swishy dress, I’ll never make it!

Actor (Palmeti): No, wait —

That’s not a medical problem he’s having.

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He’s about to spontaneously pull a Heartsword isn’t he?

man, you shouldn’t get to be a pop star heart throb, the 12th-richest teenager in the country, AND a magic knight, that’s just unfair

Let’s just be thankful they don’t have the “Pull Rhódon’s, become the monarch” rule anymore.

I have a suspicion that when Rhódon’s gets pulled, she’ll still become the monarch – but it’ll be a mostly honorary position, sort of like England’s queen. Her most important job will be telling the president, ¨Yeah, that’s fine. Please stop bothering me about this stuff.¨

I have to wonder; are the pages written with Friday Cliffhangers in mind, does it just sorta happen, do you write up the pages then shuffle them a little to have Big Things happen on Friday/Sunday, or is this just purely accidental spooky psychic powers?

I write Big Things to happen on Sundays when I want to draw them extra large, which usually makes for a good cliffhanger on the Friday before. Sometimes that takes a little shuffling. Or I have to think up a couple more jokes to fill out the week. (I always track what day of the week a strip falls on when drawing.)

In this storyline, for instance, Kale’s lead-up to entering the vines had a little more exposition and prevaricating than I was originally going to write, in order to push the WiB reveal to a Sunday.

Other than that, though…well, I do think any strip will feel more cliffhanger-y if it happens on a Friday!

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls the Blossoming Sword. The context for it (Rhódon the play, dangerous immediate situation, future issues with the north that Lief and Thorn’s relationship will help mitigate, the presence of two top tier special agents) are too perfectly in place. Add to that him being popular, and he’s perfect character and plotwise to pull it.

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