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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 37/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 37/55 published on 21 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 37/55

Y’all, I am disappoint. Heartswords don’t just pop out spontaneously! It takes years of training to learn to draw one! What happens with no training, as an instinctive response to serious danger, is magical transformations.

[sparkle glitter glow]

Cedar: Um . . . hi.

Cedar (thinking): Are they going to be mad that I turned into a magical boy, instead of staying focused on my singing? Or maybe they’ll be mad I didn’t let it happen sooner, so I could fight to protect them. Or —

Actors: Whoa!

So sparkly . . .

I’ve never seen a transformation up close before.

Was that your first time? Congratulations!

Snazzy outfit you got.

You’ve gotta be a nature mage. Hey, let’s see what powers you can use!

Those plants don’t stand a chance.

We believe in you!

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…that doesn’t look very nature-y to me. Maybe it’s the pinks? And the wings?

…Is “Air” an element that you can get as a mage?

Well there’s green, and his transformation gem thing looks like a flower… definitely not fire or water

We’ve been told of Fire, Water, Nature, and Star as domains, but that list isn’t exhaustive: and we know ‘Stars’ aren’t born, they’re made by striving to work outside one’s talent. Maybe Cedar has a dual talent with Air and Nature? I’m hesitant to say he’s JUST Nature because wings with pink and green feels like maybe he’s starting out with a wider palette.

I see what you mean. Further Theory, since we’ve not seen Cerise in action yet: We know that a mage’s outfit reflects their powers. Perhaps Cerise is also a ‘dual talent’ and the fade at the hem of her dress indicates how good she is at melding her two spheres into one effect.


So the magic decided he needed glasses. Fascinating.

I would guess that he had made the choice not to go into training to be a Magical Boy in favor of singing. Panel three of The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 23/55 leads me to believe that either his Papa advised him to focus on his singing career or Cedar entirely internalized the idea into he should ONLY focus on his singing career. He wouldn’t be the first teen to put himself under tremendous pressure to measure up to some sort of ideal.

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