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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 4/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 4/55 published on 9 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 4/55

Leif (thinking): What’s going on? If this is about my parents — no, wait, Elisa doesn’t know who they are. She does know about Thorn. What was that opera house’s name . . . ?

Central Times

The show is not going on at the Royal Ceannic Opera. The building is being evacuated, and a federal magical response team being called in, to deal with a plumbing problem that our entertainment reporter on the scene calls “totally bananas.”

Fast-growing plants are filling the building’s pipes. The cause is still unconfirmed, but one mage, who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to comment on an ongoing situation, said “There is a GOOD REASON why certain potions are HIGHLY ILLEGAL.”

Although most of the crowd has been evacuated safely, one balcony level is inaccessible, with all the exits blocked. It is unconfirmed whether the cast of Leachtric, who are the only people involved that most of you have heard of, are out yet.

“I’m only trained to cover disasters on stage,” added our reporter. “I better get hazard pay for this.”

Leif (thinking): I want to ping Thorn and ask if he and the others made it out . . . But if he is in that one balcony level, I better not disturb him.

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Huh. He’s actually holding up better than I thought.

Leif is a consummate professional. And as a slave an indentured servant, he’s always on the job.

On a separate note” “… the cast of Leachtric, who are the only people involved that most of you have heard of…”

Give your readers some credit, Ser Reporter! Thorn Estragon was part of the team that slew The Wyrm of Ruraidh and is #6 in “Eight Totally Random Celebrity Relatives You Never Would Have Guessed.”

Who’s to say that the reporter is aware he’s there? The guest list for that box was probably “Sven, Ragnild, Iona, and two guards”. Due to how the Knights held the contest, the tickets may have been left un-named, or Rowan’s name was on the ticket before he got pulled because Wings and it was too late to change it to Thorn’s name.

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