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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 41/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 41/55 published on 7 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 41/55

Opera lobby.

Bram: They went THATTA WAY.

Laurel: Then so will I!

Look at this mess, Fallon . . . It’s a good thing you can’t smell well, because these reek. Of fried chlorophyll, mostly.

Let’s fix that!

Laurel (runes): Scent of perfume and popcorn


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Staff! She has a staff! Serious business!

…also, is the lab coat part of her costume or does she just put it on every time she transforms?

“I spent SEVEN years on this PhD! I’ll damn well buy too many lab coats to always have one despite transformations.”

I agree with Autistic Observer but I love the idea.

It’s supposed to be her “cape”, yes…but it’s totally possible that Laurel’s costume developed that way because she’s so proud of her degree.

Now I just have to figure out what her field would be…

Do you have a clear idea of what is and isn’t an acceptable “cape”?

Also, as someone who likes making -sonas, what sort of more general parameters are there for mage’s costumes?

It’s an extra item that gets added on top of an existing outfit; it involves a long flowy piece of fabric that hangs down your back and can blow dramatically behind you in the wind.

In general…well, the key point is to make them very anime. You know how, in Madoka Magica, the characters’ costumes don’t have a single unifying theme or design, but they have references to other series that suggest their personalities and foreshadow their character arcs? That’s the idea to go with.

Be inspired by the aesthetic from some of your favorite series. They can be mahou shoujo themselves, but they don’t have to be — Cedar, for example, is more of an Eva pilot.

Their transformation item may or may not be incorporated into the costume. (Holly’s jewel, Cedar’s perfume bottle, etc.)

The other thing to remember is that they shouldn’t look too practical. (Except that they have good mobility, I guess. Skater miniskirts, yes; elaborate multi-tier ballgowns, no.) Even Magus Cornouiller, whose costume is mostly a nice suit, has that Rayearth “oversized/tinted armor + big jewel + long cape” thing going on.

Anything that a non-magical combat outfit would do with physical alteration (body armor, night-vision goggles, supportive boots, etc), that’s going to be handled by magic.

…come to think of it, that probably explains why “more power” = “more elaborate details.” The more magical energy you have to spare, the more it can naturally cover things like “this delicate beading will never be ripped off, these starched frills will never go flat, these heels will never break, this cape will never get trapped.”

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