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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 46/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 46/55 published on 5 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 46/55

(All together now: “She’s after me! — She’s after you?”)

Volume 1 Kickstarter reward spotlight: Knights of Ceannis!

This is the one where you get the book!

For $30 (plus shipping, if you’re outside the US) your paperback Volume 1 will also include a Kickstarter-exclusive mini-print. The one in the graphic is Leif!!! On Ice…I don’t know if that’s actually the backers’ top pick, it’s just a personal favorite. Maybe I’ll do a poll.

And if you started at a smaller pledge tier and want to upgrade, don’t worry, you still get all the earlier rewards.

Sven: We can let the guest and his dog go down first, if she can climb.

Thorn: Violet goes first, to test the ladder and stand guard at the base. Then —

Del: There you are.

Kale (thinking): I’m screwed. They know what I tried. Did Thorn turn me in? When?? Or maybe they have no idea, just automatically suspect me of causing the vines in the first place . . .

Sven (thinking): Wow . . . It’s the beautiful woman from the culture festival! This must be fate!

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Kale… Don’t go borrowing trouble, honey. You had good intentions, and surely it’s not a crime to want the bracelets removed.

Nutty theory: ████████ ████████ told Kale he’d likely be “emotionally” fine, but legally in a huge trouble if the bracelets came off at this time. Kale is only retaining “huge trouble” from that conversation, helping what I’m interpreting as an Anxiety Spike blossom into a full-grown Anxiety Obelisk. In other words, Kale’s legally fine, but in huge emotional trouble.

He didn’t order the seeds for the vines. He ordered the potion which enabled the already growing vines in the sewer to start growing unbounded. The potion was not supposed to have that dramatic of an effect in the intended imbiber, but the level of effect that a potion has varies a bit based on who/what imbibes it.

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