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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 52/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 52/55 published on 5 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 52/55

Volume 1 Kickstarter reward spotlight: Embassy Diplomats!

This one comes with a future Leif & Thorn cameo. And you’ll get named on the “thanks to our backers” page in the actual print version, along with the post on the website.

All that, plus the sketched paperback book, plus all the digital rewards! This is an even more exclusive tier — there’s only 20 available — but as of this posting, only a handful have been snagged, so you’re still in luck.

(And even if you’re not this much of a high-roller, it’ll only take a handful of regular-book preorders to reach our next milestone bonus!)

Thorn: Sorry I can’t offer to walk you home.

Kale: Don’t. I’ll be fine once I get some fresh air.

Kale (thinking): And fifty feet away from anybody who gets to arrest people.

Iona: Dad!

Sven: Hey, kids! We’ll be right over!

The police think I might’ve witnessed something, so they want to do an interview. Sir Thorn will take you home, and I’ll catch up later.

Iona: Okay, but first — remember the woman in the black coat who got Ragnild down from the balcony?

Sven: Honey, Ragnild took your chair down, remember? I love you. See you in a bit.

Iona: Grrr . . .

Ragnild: See??

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Time to ask about how the police treat certain ethnic groups within Ceannis. Are Aibreáns typically an oppressed minority?

I’m not ruling them out being an oppressed majority, but they are the majority racial group in Ceannis.

Kale’s issue isn’t due to experiences with cops due to his racial group but his experiences with cops due to seeing things and/or his experiences with cops due to him killing people and actually being arrested. It may not even have to do with the original real experiences with real cops. A common theme in at least some hallucinatory disorders is ‘externalizing’ (technically it is still in your head but no long feels like that) fears and anxieties

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