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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 53/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 53/55 published on 13 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 53/55

Kale (thinking): So in one afternoon I almost got myself strangled by a plant, asked a good guy to break the law, tried to unlock my powers when it turned out there was no need, then thought I was going to be arrested for all that and nearly had a panic attack. Maybe I’ll just go home and never leave the apartment again.

Thorn: Bringing the kids to the Embassy now — please have someone ready to meet them.

Comm: What, do they need a lawyer too??

Thorn: No! Just an adult who can confirm their safe arrival.

Comm: Affirmative.

Thorn: Iona . . . did you say something about a woman in a black coat?

Iona: Yeah!

And she had silky dark hair in braids, and dark skin, but not as dark as yours, and big green eyes with lots of eyelashes, and she went into the hall where you were! Did you see her too?

Thorn: I think . . . I’ve never seen her before.

Ragnild: When are you gonna let this go, huh?

Thorn: No, sorry, I’m translating this badly . . .

I think I’ve “never seen her before” before.

Bennet: This is Bennet Amande live at the scene of the Royal Opera! I’m hearing that all the viewers have made it out safely, and will be given replacement Leachtric tickets for free!

Chair: That was half price. They already saw half the show.

Bennet: Other sources say free.

Chair: I’m the opera chairwoman!

Bennet: We’ll let the viewers decide.

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Ok Thorn you’re making no sense at all.

He’s saying that the description is familiar, but he clearly can’t recall the specifics. Like a sense of deja-vu for something you can’t remember. I don’t quite know how to explain the feeling, but like- almost an analogue to how some people will say “I think I was this in a past life” because they have a sort of familiar grasp on a subject despite never having done it in this one; he’s met her before, but her unmemorability means that he’s forgotten, but he has the vague sense that he’s felt this way before. A similar thing happened at Summerfest; he met the WiB, started to forget her, but had a sort of vague recollection that there was “someone” who did something- like this time around, he mostly forgot her, but remembered “someone” told them about the mage that was coming.

If that makes sense?

I agree. Thorn is experiencing Déjà vu of the sense of Presque Vu or Tip-of-the-tongue he experienced trying to think about WiB at Summerfest.

At the very least, this should help with any gaslighting Iona may be feeling right now. SOMEONE thinks it’s possible she met someone before Ragnild got to the floor, rather dreamed Ragnild’s rescuer up.

I disagree, Thorn is making perfect sense.

He is recalling a prior event in which someone thought he should remember a person who matched the description that Iona gave, but did not remember anything.

“I do not remember the person you say you have seen, but I have been asked this question about this person enough times for me to realize the fact that I do not remember this person is suspicious.”

Oh wow I love this page! The layout is cool, the flowers behind Iona are really pretty, I love the “never seen her before before” line, “We’ll let the viewers decide” made me laugh.
Gods though I feel you Kale. “I did a bad today time to never try again.”

Don’t think the viewers have any say in the matter Bennet. This is why you should double check your facts before reporting them.

I believe what he’s trying to say is, “I’m going to do everything in my power to prevent you from being stupid in the way you’re trying to be stupid right now. But I do not have the patience or the linguistic expertise to explain to you exactly how you’re being stupid.”

Hi Erin, I just found your comic and caught up after binge reading the archive in a few days. What an awesome story! I really like how everyone comes across as a person and isn’t just a cliche representation of a marginalized group. Which is sadly all too common. Also, Iona is great here! Now I get to wait in suspense like the rest of you. :p One question I have about the worldbuilding from a recent Thorn Explains, what is the percentage of characters who are in different groups of sexual and romantic interest? More of the characters seem to be involved in same-gender relationships compared to opposite-gender or mixed-gender. What would a [insert orientation here]-sexual person’s chances be of finding a partner in this universe? Is it something like 20% interested in opposite-gender, and everyone else is interested in same-gender or multiple-genders?

Oops… to clarify, I meant is it something like 20% only interested in opposite-gender and everyone else is only interested in same-gender or in multiple genders? The L&T universe seems so different from heteronormative societies, so it seems like it would be easier for everyone to meet someone. I like the Ceanska words differentiating based on what gender a person is interested in without restricting based their own gender.

Congratulations on catching up! And welcome to the slow path =)

I think there have been about as many major m/f relationships as m/m + f/f. Looking at the top 10 characters (by # of appearances), we’ve got Leif/Thorn, Rowan with his various dates, and Iona with her crush on the WiB, versus Birch/Annie and Delphinium with her being-crushed-on by Sven. Next 10 include Kale, Hyacinth, and Ivy with their canon same-sex crushing, versus Sven himself and Stanczia/Imri.

The sexual-orientation distribution is supposed to be the same as it is in the real world — it’s just not affected by homophobia, so the gay people aren’t pressured toward singlehood and the bi people aren’t pressured toward m/f relationships. So it’s a bell curve, skewed towards m/f attraction because that’s what evolution selects for, but a significant minority have exclusive m/m or f/f attraction, and then most people fall in the middle with some degree of interest in everyone.

It’s definitely easier to meet people! There’s no gay panic/trans panic, so there’s no danger in flirting with someone even if they don’t turn out to be interested, which does a whole lot to level the field.

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