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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 6/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 6/55 published on 8 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 6/55

The hall.

Bram (thinking): I’ll need to scan for anyone ENSNARED in the mass . . . and maybe DIG THEM OUT.

As if this situation wasn’t UNPLEASANT ENOUGH already.


Oh, good. Only one person . . . and I deduce that she is SELF-SUFFICIENT.

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Must be a pretty complex scanning spell since it can tell the gender of a trapped individual even though the caster can’t see them.

If we look all the way back to the second comic, (where they’re trying to figure out which “Thorn” they’re supposed to be hiring according to the “fire reading”) we find out that, and I quote, “This would be a first name. And he’s definitely male! Fire spirits are very conscientious about pronouns!”

…I’d be surprised if he didn’t know the gender of everyone detected this way…

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