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The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 11/12

The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 11/12 published on 6 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 11/12

Lawyer: Minister, you really shouldn’t talk to anyone — let’s just go —

Sven: Oh, hello~!

It’s me again! Were you investigating me this whole time? Gosh, I might not even know your real name!

But it’s all a misunderstanding, and I’ve been released with a formal apology. In return for a tiny bit of information that I had by coincidence and was happy to share.

You’re still welcome to visit me at the Embassy any time you want! Now you can even do it with no ethical conflict!

Lawyer: Sir, please . . .

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Sven, I’m pretty sure there’s a rule that a law enforcement official can’t have relationships with anyone they are investigating/have investigated. Also, everyone but you can see she’s just not into you so you’re out of luck on both fronts.

In Sven’s defense, he doesn’t yet know their first meeting was a complete sham.

On the offense, Del is CLEARLY sending “of what are you currently partaking, good sir, that you think NOW is the time to flirt?” vibes here and now.

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