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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 10/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 10/21 published on 10 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 10/21

Rowan: I really just need to rest for a while now . . . Can you bring me my smartcrystal first?

Rhodey: Sure!

Rosie: It’s on the kitchen table. While you’re there, maybe fix another mug of my —

Rowan: No!

Rhodey: Here — now you can look up the blogs I cited, before the Illuminati shuts them —

Rowan: Nooo.

Dictation mode. New blog post on “Everything That’s Wrong With Magical Crime Law Investigation Squad.” Text: Sorry everyone, the review for today’s episode will be late. See, I’m laid up in bed with these huge pains . . .

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Is every child in their family insufferable because they inherited it, or did they grow into their annoying selves?

Inherited it, most like. They all share a stubborn streak that Their View is supported by the Evidence. Rowan’s Evidence is just more rigorously reviewed.

… and we are still not entirely sure if Rowan personally is doing more rigorous review or if he just happen to use the right bubble of cross-supporting sources.

I have been inspired to go through and list all of Rowan’s arguments to date.

Florian ( the young guy he picked up in Night Out) set him off about Auras, which is something that can be measured. MAYBE that’s new-agey claptrap.

then we get the The Incredibly Successful Dating Life of Rowan Muscade

Unnamed blonde in the upper-left set was ‘wrong’ about heartswords. presumably a member of the ORDER OF THE CHALICE is at least something approaching an expert in the field.

Green-haired laced-garment wearer had wrong ideas about Unicorn Herd Dynamics. Rowan cites research as being debunked.

Nigella Badiane is a potion-shop owner. Argument with someone about THEIR field of experience. OR maybe he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Bottom Left corner date ascribes miraculous aspects to wings. That could go either way. It’s part of Sønheim’s belief structure that those with wings are blessed by their founding queen.

Bottom right holds Wrong Opinions on Epic of Rhódon. Also could go either way, if they were buying into The Myth instead of the Facts.

Organic Co-Op AU #2: Rowan speaks angrily to a customer about rice makers, making the comparison “Do you complain that your Toaster only makes toast?”

Time and Tides 27-28 “Tide goes in, Tides go out. You can’t explain that!” You absolutely CAN explain it, this guy is just someone who wanted to ‘gatcha’ about “ah, but why is it high tide when gravitic influence is all on the far side of the planet?”

Observatory Mission Flashback: Movie Night – Complaints in order: lack of realism in the cop show (“half of its magic is terrible and all of its science is worse.”), Disagrees with the animated adaptation’s characterization of Hildegarde, Hates the lack of realism in the “Moons collide!” disaster flick, and loves the Bent Logic of Grassie of Hedge and Grassie.

Movie Night Flashback Conclusion: argument over definition of Mystic, argument with a guy who is ignoring that, by human definitions, there are species that are entirely female, argument with his sister about ‘Homeopathic potions'(HOW DID I FORGET THIS ONE?!), argument about economics(“there are entire economies that prove you wrong”)

(Sidenote, Apparently Rowan didn’t anger Mystic or Economics enough that they refused to sit next to him on a couch.)

All in all, this speaks to me of Rowan pushing back against anyone who’s worldview is… off-center from his. Perhaps it reminds him of when something was Whispering a worldview that told him he was worthless.

I can confirm that all of Rowan’s arguments about science and magic are accurate in-universe. His opinions about plot and characterization can be more subjective, but he is at least basing them on what’s in canon.

(Sidenote, there’s no “by human definitions” about it, since puffballs, unlike humans, don’t have gender identities. He’s saying they’re egg-producing mammals with two X chromosomes.)

ahhh… Yeah. Proofreading failure. I was originally going to make a point of that guy was likely of the “Homosexuallity is a sin against nature!” persuasion, remembered that homosexuality is less stigmatized in this setting in general, thought better of it, and didn’t quite edit my post accordingly.

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