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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 11/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 11/21 published on 10 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 11/21


Smartcrystal: You have 2 new messages

@SnowJar: I saw the post about wings. Do you want someone to chat with?

Rowan (thinking): Oh, hey, it’s one of the regular commenters on my MCLIS blog.

One of the good ones. They make smart comments. Even sometimes point out alternative research on a topic I’m complaining about . . .

@SnowJar: I know it’s boring, lying still for hours on end. I sat with a colleague who grew a pair a few years ago.
@SnowJar: And I’m working from home today, so I can take a break any time for a call 🙂

Rowan (thinking): . . . without ever getting too alternative.

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…huh. I just got a bad feeling about this.

I mean, speaking as someone who regularly talks to people she’s never met online, I’ve got no room to talk- but just, something about this situation makes me uneasy.

It’s safe to start by thinking that whoever’s on the other end is someone from up North.

Or maybe it’s someone from the United Islands who really digs the concept of snow.

@Snowjar feels way too on the nose for people who live in a land where they have one day of spring and the seasons translate as Summer, Early Winter, Darkest Winter, and Still Winter.

I could also very easily see @Snowjar being someone who lives in a land where the seasons properly translate to Summer, OMG THE HEAT!, the other Summer, and OMG THE HEAT! (That is, they’re somewhere close enough to the equator that it’s actually cooler in the “Summer” and “Winter” that all the rest of us people talk about than the rest of the year.

Of course, the odds point to it being someone from the north, rather than someone who one time traveled far enough north that they found out about this marvelous thing called snow and still can’t get over how amazing it is. Plus, if it was such a person, I’d think they’d mention more about snow in their reply. So yeah, I’m guessing it’s someone from the north.

I actually kind of expect it to be Sigrun. “Snowjar” sounds like the name of a bird to me, like “nightjar”…and as for too on the nose, I think I can reasonably expect someone who’s moved from Sonheim to Ceannis to make their handle something that represents their Sonheic-ness, and someone with wings to use a name that suggests they have wings.

Knowing how much webcomic writers tend to lean on coincidence I reckon this is going to be a former/current colleague of Sigrun (hope I spelled that right).

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