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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 18/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 18/21 published on 14 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 18/21

Rowan (narrating): A big part of why I’m a loyal MCLIS fan, errors and all, is the whispers episodes. The first one, back in season 1 . . . it helped me process some things I hadn’t actually realized I was feeling until the characters put it into words.

Also: every time Lt. Badiane uses her Soothing Voice to reassure a victim, it clears my skin and waters my crops.

If my actual story was in the news . . . if people were judging my personal life and fictionalizing it without my permission . . . that would suck.

But when it happens to characters . . . When it’s done right . . .

Those writers are doing good in the world, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

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Ah. It’s just empathy that makes the Ripped from the Headlines awful for him.

Now, the question is: Lt. Badiane’s Soothing Voice. Legit Magical Girl power, or one of the ‘errors’ that Rowan can tolerate?

Also, I thought he hated this series. Maybe he just wasn’t in the mood that evening back at the Observatory? Maybe it’s just the latest season?

maybe Quartz City is a terrible spin off…

Possible, even probable!(I never really got into NCIS:LA.) But it sure looks like Lieutenant Badaine’s dead-center in the promotional material used in the evening at the observatory.

Maybe it’s her sister? The hair’s different…

I don’t think it can be a sister. Magical Girl Costumes seem to be based on the wearer’s core personality, and every other element of the costume is within standard variance considering how Erin’s art has improved over the last year and change.

That said, We don’t know how much wings and magical style runs in a family, as we’ve never seen sibling magicals.

My guess is Lt. Badaine’s Soothing Voice is one of those “this feels like magic but isn’t” things. It’s just something the actor can do, and so despite any barriers that would prevent actual magic from spilling through the recording media out into every viewer’s vicinity, this effect does so.

I can personally identify with what Rowan says in panels 1, 3 and 4. Seeing that kind of stuff on tv and in movies has helped me with my disorder as well, and seeing positive reactions to tv/movie characters with similar traits to me (e.g. Sheldon Cooper, Drax the Destroyer, K2S0) fills me with happiness and hope.

Yeah, the thing about ripped-from-the-headlines plots is that they tend to be schlocky, hastily written, and more concerned with capitalizing on social alarm/outrage than having any respect for real-life people affected by those situations. They’re not bad by themselves, it’s more about how they’re usually done.

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