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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 7/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 7/21 published on 17 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 7/21

Rosie: . . . Rowan . . .

When you feel sad, it’s for a reason. Something you deserve to work out with the help of a good therapist. You can’t blame it on a physical deficiency.

. . . Unless it’s a deficiency in fish oil, vitamin B, potassium, sunlight, or islander aura-strengthening meditation! Obviously those are legitimate.

Rowan: And why are you assuming I haven’t been in therapy too, huh? Knights get the best therapists! It’s one of the big reasons I joined up in the first place!

Rosie: Wait, I thought . . . What did you need therapy for before the knighthood?

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…the twins don’t know…?

The twins sure as Hades better know at least ONE reason. He fell to The Whispers in minutes. Literal Intrusive Thoughts that tell you you’re an unsalvageable, broken waste of space. That can’t be something for which you don’t get long-term counseling.

If my sister said something like that to me? I’d ask her to leave, because I did NOT invite a stranger into my house.

I believe Rowan was about fourteen when he fell to The Whispers, and he and Violet weren’t much older than that when they joined the knight training (I think), which Rowan has just stated was motivated partly by the therapy option. If that’s the case, then he might never have told them. Plus, just because they know about counseling doesn’t mean they know what it was for. If Rosie just has vague memories of Rowan going and visiting someone once a week for a while or getting meds of some sort for something unknown, she probably wouldn’t remember it that well, because it didn’t affect her.

Pannel 2 no when you have depression its not sad for a reason it’sliterally for no reason you can be literally doing the most fun thing you can think of and in the middle of it your brain will be OH how about feling like crap about your life choices and self identity for 8 hours cause its tuesday

I’m pretty sure the world is not nearly as simple as Rosie, Rowan, Xero, Erin, Tgape, Khyrin, or Raen seem to think it is.

*Sometimes* when you have chronic depression, it’s just because of a chemical imbalance. Other times, there’s a reason that you need a therapist for. Still other times, it’s something no therapist can help with. And sometimes, it’s literally no reason and there’s nothing that anyone knows to do that could help.

Knowing as much as I do about the world we live in, the world Lief and Thorn live in, the world Sparrow and Bianca live in, Cecil and Carlos of the perfect hair, and even Sydney, Torg, Agatha, Peter Kepler, Rain, Antimony, Tedd, Ace, Walky, Sporkman, Davan, Hannelore, Vector, Hamster, Zona, Pree Yisun, Marten, and so many more than I can name, the ones I truly wonder about are those who are not depressed. For verily, whether we are prisoner, warden, student, teacher, or gamer, we are all beset by the horrors of our collective imaginations. A more deadly nemesis I literally can not imagine…

Not sure why you think it’s “simple” according to anyone here…except Rosie, of course. (She believes there’s only one possible explanation/treatment, and any evidence that doesn’t fit her predetermined worldview must be wrong somehow.)

Rowan has a chemical imbalance, which medication helps with, and memories of traumatic experiences (as seen in flashback storylines), which therapy can help with. He’s tried various treatments and figured out a combination that’s effective for him, which is what everyone should get to do.

Also, since you bring it up…”it’s only logical to be constantly unhappy and there’s no possible way to fix it” can be a symptom of depression. It’s insidious like that. Couldn’t hurt to get it checked out, if you haven’t already.

It’s completely logical to think world is going from bad to worse. It is not logical to be constantly unhappy about it. Sure, you can’t fix it, but being unhappy won’t fix it either, so try to enjoy what you can. If you are constantly unhappy because you can’t reach your goals, you need to set up different goals. Especially if your goal happen to be “peace on Earth” or similar unreachable stuff.

Christ I KNOW I’ve read this one page somewhere before but I can’t find it when I go back
It’s this page, but I’ve seen the last two panels somewhere

it is possible to live with bouts of depression and not need medication or therapy, I have for years I have simply learned to deal with it, admittedly my methods may cease to work on day, but so far they has been effective at keeping it under control

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