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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 8/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 8/21 published on 9 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 8/21

Rosie: — Oh, right! The whispers. I forgot how much that messed with you, sorry.

Rowan: . . . Yeah. That.

3-4 train stops later . . .

Rhodey: I made it!

Eesh, big brother, your back looks terrible. It’s all bruises on top of blisters on top of bruises.

Rowan: Hey, there’s bone and muscle and feathers underneath it . . . somewhere.

Rhodey: I know, I know. You want some lotion on it?

Rowan: Rosie already offered.

Rhodey: This isn’t Rosie’s brand! This is also used at the hospital.

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Oh thank Jesus, this one has a brain. Now they’ll while away the hours, debating about flowers. Consulting about rains.

I’m not sure “This is also used at the hospital” is correct method to determine if it’s good idea to use. For start, it would be much better if it was used for same problems and not for something completely else.

“This hand sanitizer is used in the hospital, so it’s a good one!”
“…it’s used by visitors, not doctors.”
“Eh same diff”

The hospitals I’ve visited use calstat for doctors, nurses, and visitors.

Is this separate hand sanitizer for the doctors more effective at killing germs, or just easier on the hands?

If it’s more effective at killing germs, I don’t want to go to that hospital, because visitors are a bigger infection vector than the doctors, because there’s more of them, and most of them haven’t had proper training on how to wash their hands.

If it’s just gentler on the hands, I don’t want to go to that hospital, because the doctors apparently aren’t wearing gloves. (Or maybe it’s just some doctors that aren’t wearing gloves – do they not know of polyurethane gloves or are they too cheap to buy them for doctors and nurses with latex allergies? Are they not aware of cotton and linen gloves made to be worn under latex gloves as an alternate solution to the allergy issue?)

Just saying.

That having been said, I trust that Rhodey is just taking a verbal shorthand, as people do, so that his response does not require a speech bubble larger than the size of the comic format, and is in fact smart enough to mean it’s the lotion the top rated hospitals use for people who are sprouting wings.

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