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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 9/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 9/21 published on 16 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 9/21

I think this is the point where I give Khyrin a medal for Outstanding Performance in Narrative Prediction.

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Rhodey: Tell me if it hurts, okay?

Rowan: Look, any contact hurts, but this level is . . . bearable. Thanks.

Rowan (thinking): Any minute now . . .

Wait for it . . . Here it comes . . .

Rhodey: Okay, but you know Kudzu isn’t really kept in prison, right?? He’s working for the government, and using his powers to erase the memories of anyone who meets him!

They send him after anyone who gets too close to exposing that the Pancontinental Space Station is a hoax!!

Rowan (thinking): And there it is.

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*documentary narrator voice* Here we see the siblings engaging in the practice of ‘And One More Thing”, wherein a previously dropped topic is returned to hours later. Normally an act between friends, it is a habit that runs strongly through family lines. *end narrator voice*

(Aaaand if there was any doubt remaining that Rhodie and Rosie are twins, it’s definitely gone now. The next question is whether Rowan’s ‘impatience’ with people being Wrong came before or after.)

I was going to offer a correction to your units, but I suppose it’s correct. One of my brothers did this with a topic dropped roughly 124,000 hours earlier. That’s still hours, right? Admittedly, I’ve done much better in avoiding my family than Rowan has. Also, with this post, I admit that my comment on the last update was probably overly optimistic.

It’s just dawned on me how much Rowan cares about Violet.

Because he knew how much she wanted to see that show, so he was willing to put up with – well, this- for her sake. If Violet had stayed with him, then she could help chase off the twins, something about ‘don’t stress out the patient’ or ‘I can handle this part, you guys go make/get some food’ or something like that to keep them away. But for her sake, so she can do something she wants to do, Rowan is putting up with two people that he probably thinks are some of the most irritating people in the world.

Oh hey, speaking of crazy conspiracy theories, is it just me or does Kale look quite a bit like Kudzu?

There’s probably no actual connection between the two but, lemme just go into conspiracy theory mode, they have similar hairstyles, we’ve only ever seen Kudzu transformed, Kale gets weird visions that may or may not be caused by a fire affinity and Kudzu’s domain was fire before he got good enough to go Star, and then there’s the fact that Kale knows Acai, who’s some kind of weirdly powerful star mage. And if we wanna go even DEEPER down the stupid hole, Kale is apparently being watched over by the WiB who has the exact kind of memory mumbo jumbo that could in theory make Kudzu forget being Kudzu, or help him keep it quiet and try and start a new life.

Alright I’m done being a conspiracy theorist, have fun trying to unsee all that!

…*Cracks knuckles* My time has come.

The real question is, why keep Kudzu on a leash?

1: Romarin’s personal hitman
Think about it, what’s a better assassin than one who doesn’t know they’re an assassin? Romarin has enemies, some who probably don’t know when to shut up about her actions. In such situations who better to unleash on the public than a killer who can instantly be reverted back to a personality that doesn’t even realize it? Romarin can kill whoever she wants, and pass it off as “Kudzu being Kudzu, now who wants some pie ala mode?”

2: The SOoMH keeps him as a nuclear option
When sea monsters get too big, when dragons get too powerful, when a problem winds up being too big for their “normal” methods, the hunters break Kudzu out and send him to tackle the problem before it can hit Ceannis. If it winds up causing a few extra casualties then who cares, the nation is secured.

3: Rogue Factions
Seeing as Ceannis is similar to most Western governments, the odds are good that often the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. Factions that oppose Romarin either on political principle or for personal spite may engineer his release to damage Romarin’s credibility and leadership to a terrified Ceannic nation.

4: External Threat
Other nations may have a hand in Kudzu’s actions, and let’s face it, if Sonheim wanted to wreak havoc they’d fuck with Ceannis’ supply of spell-tech gems. (See my posted works.) Kudzu is a perfect catspaw, as he is already naturally unstable and just needs the right guidance to go all “murder-y” in the right places to damage Romarin and the Ceannic government as a whole.

Now if you want to go full-fucking-bore of crazy…

5: Kudzu is innocent
To cover up some crime or accident, the government used Kudzu as the patsy to cover their actions. Probably already considered unstable and lacking in basic humanity, whatever force manipulated these actions just put him in the right place and the right time for their uses and skated before anyone could get wise. Now, an innocent mage rots in prison because someone else had a score to settle.

That’s not counting aliens, possessions, body-swapping, and the possibility of micro-bombs inside people’s heads.

On the subject of #4. Sønhennic concerns control ALL of Ceannis’ Spell-quality gem mines as of the fallout of Juniper Mining’s collapse. Lord Imri now owns the only spell-quality mine on Ceannic soil.

During Family Dinner Thorn and Hyacinth had a discussion in which Hyacinth thinks that Ceannis is only playing nice because Sønheim controls all the best Gemstone deposits, and Thorn returns that Ceannis controls the seaports. (page 7/14)

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