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The Show Must Grow On: Overture 1/21

The Show Must Grow On: Overture 1/21 published on 8 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Overture 1/21


This frickin’ musical storyline, which I have been foreshadowing in bits and pieces for years, is finally happening.

It’s getting broken up into sub-storylines (Overture, Act I, etc), because there’s no way I’ll have a strip count for the entire arc by the time today’s strip goes live.

(Leif doesn’t get much daily-strip panel time from this point on, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure he shows up in lots of Sundays.)

Leif (thinking): No point lurking at the West Gate today, if Thorn’s on away duty . . .

Juniper: Thorn, Violet! Come on in.


Leif (thinking): Oooh. Away duty means dressing nice.

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All knights of Ceannis possess the ability to sparkle on command.

Man, we aren’t given that when we’re issued our gear.

Hmm.. Thorn and Violet are entering via the South Gate today, but Thorn seems to habitually use the West Gate when picking up Leif. In my own mental mapping, I’ve always figured the West Gate is closest to the train station as that’s the first gate we ever saw, way back in Homecoming 8/24

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