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The Spice Must Flow

The Spice Must Flow published on 10 Comments on The Spice Must Flow

Thorn: Oh! Leif, you should try this one. I think it will be good for —

Leif: Ohhh no! I recognize that word in Ceanska. I’m not making that mistake again!

It burns like I’m trying to eat a mouthful of fire —

The only way to cool it off is by having a whole stomach’s worth of yogurt at once! I can’t handle it, Thorn!

Thorn: It’s not like that! It’s . . . a different kind of the word . . . Listen, kitten, I will get one for me. And I will drink it all, if you want. But will you please try a sip?


Leif: Nnngh . . .

And so:

[Pumpkin Spice Is Back]

Thorn: Well! Am I right, or am I right.

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Now I’m craving pumpkin pie.

I’m surprised that Thorn wasn’t able to explain that the Ceannic word for spice refers to all seasonings in addition to meaning ‘the fire-burn’.

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