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The Stressful School Day of Hazel Cherieshnya, part 3

The Stressful School Day of Hazel Cherieshnya, part 3 published on 5 Comments on The Stressful School Day of Hazel Cherieshnya, part 3

Hazel: I locked my Facetbook account to friends only, muted the thread on DiamondArt, and turned off anon asks on Polishr . . .

Hyacinth: Did you get weird comments on all of those, Hazel?

Hazel: Yeah, I — Yeah.

Hyacinth: So, uh — Foxglove might know something. Can you ask, Vine?

Vine: Who, me?

What, you think all trans guys are automatically friends? Besides — We’re goths. They’re furries. We’re, like, natural opposites or something.

Wh– hey! Is this, like, Stress Hormones Gone Wild tears? Or are you really that sad?

Okay, okay! I’ll ask what’s going on.

Hyacinth: Also goth furries exist and are valid

Vine: I know!

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It’s obviously not enough to jump to conclusions, but shouldn’t Angelica be the prime suspect for the cloud bullying? It would be very much in character for her to indirectly attack the person who she blames for her friends turning against her.

Yes, but finding out WHAT she said and WHY is still important, and they’re not likely to get the answers by asking her. But Foxglove, aside from being miffed at Hazel right this second and not dealing with it with adult maturity, probably got along with her fine before this, so not only will be willing to explain to someone other than Hazel, but might also be brought back to neutrality without much effort.

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