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The Stressful School Day of Hazel Cherieshnya, part 4

The Stressful School Day of Hazel Cherieshnya, part 4 published on 6 Comments on The Stressful School Day of Hazel Cherieshnya, part 4

Nobody’s accused me, personally, of socking up in order to secretly insult people. (At least, not to my face…(knock wood)). But I’ve definitely been accused of sockpuppeting in the other direction — if someone said a nice thing about my work, they had to be a sock I was using to secretly talk myself up.

The concept of “other people can exist who genuinely like a thing, even if you yourself aren’t a fan” is just mind-blowing to some folks, I guess.

But some people do sockpuppet, even to the point of taking it to more-elaborate lengths than Angelica here. As you know if you’ve caught any of Youtube’s recent Creepshow Art multi-decade sockpuppeting and IRL stalking scandal reveal.

Vine: Thanks, dude!

Hyacinth/Hazel: Welllllll???

Vine: Okay, so! Fox got some nasty comment on his furry netcomic, and someone told him the commenter was a sockpuppet of Hazel. Which I said was stupid — obviously. Why would you ever think it was true? Hazel doesn’t even read furry comics.

Hazel: Also, I don’t sockpuppet. Why would I sockpuppet? What have I ever done to make anybody think I would sockpuppet?

Vine: Well, get this: Anonymous net drama person also told Fox I was mean to him. Said I accused him of ripping me off, because I went by “Foxglove” for like a week.

Hyacinth: . . . uh, Vine, that actually sounds familiar?

Vine: Well, I said something like that, but as a joke! And not to his face! I only ever said it in a private chat, with just you, and —

Hyacinth/Vine: Angelica.

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And The Truth Comes Out.

Now, my question is has the would-be Anonymous Net Dramaturge said anything nasty about Hyacinth directly? Or is Angelica trying to alienate everyone from her by word of mouth to “get her friend back” or some such.

Sidenote for Erin: This page has been misfiled as part of 53 Borrowing Troubles, instead of part of Hyacinth’s Social Life/Hyacinth at School.

Suddenly this whole thing went from utterly aliend to extremely familiar.

This is somewhat amusingly ironic, since the effect of this page was exactly the opposite for me. xD (All right, maybe not going from extremely familiar to *utterly* alien, but certainly nothing like the “this is Too Real” vibes I get from Hazel’s “I did something and now people are upset, but What Was It, and How Do I Not Do It?”)

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