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The Successful Married Life of Birch and Annie, continued

The Successful Married Life of Birch and Annie, continued published on 13 Comments on The Successful Married Life of Birch and Annie, continued

Finally got around to giving the Mining Wives full names! They’re Cress and Violet Fenouil.

That’s right, I’m doing a little bit of trope-subverting realism by breaking the “one character per first name” rule. But we’ll be calling this one Vi, to make it a little easier.

Annie: It’s so good to catch up with you, Cress! How long has it been?

Cress: Depends. Do you count the time we were testifying in the same room?

Vi: Can I get you anything in the kitchen?

Cress: No thanks, babe.


Cress: . . . Uh, gimme a second, Annie, I’ll be right back.

What is it, Vi?

Vi: R-r-rat! Get rid of it!

Cress: Why me?!

Vi: You deal with pests when you’re in a mine, right?

Cress: Yeah — by swinging pickaxes at them! You see any of those in here? Anyway, you’re the lawyer! You should know how to handle rats!

Vi: Very funny! Do I have to use the pregnancy defense? I can’t get all worked up right now!

Annie: What’s going on in there? Is everything okay?

Ohhhh, for cute!

And that’s why we have a pet rat now!

Birch: . . . Is this because your friends are having a baby and we aren’t?

Annie: Birch, hon, you haven’t seen this rat.

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*Facepalm* Have fun with rabies and fleas.

How DARE you! Rats are precious baby cinnamon rolls that are actually very clean animals when taken care of properly; just like any other animal.

(PS I’m not actually offended, just intentionally overreacting. But rats are in fact sweethearts.)

They so are, the babies. I’m a touch biased; I have an honest-to-god emotional support rat. Her name is Clover and she’s a dear.

That’s fine, that’s a pet. What they’ve got is a feral scavenger.

I miss my rat, Villain. I wanted an interesting rat, and a believable villain is always interesting. Villain used to do tricks, like wrapping his tail around my finger while he looked WAY out over my up raised hand. He went to at least one class with me in college.

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