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The Successful Married Life of Peach Argyros

The Successful Married Life of Peach Argyros published on 5 Comments on The Successful Married Life of Peach Argyros

I was planning to delve more into Peach’s family and backstory — I’ve had this strip sitting around since last October — but with one thing and another, it never came together. Maybe I’ll circle back at some point. For now, enjoy this tableau of domestic-politics bliss.


Peach: I’m so sorry, but I’m very late, so if you could bend the rules just this once —

Staff: Sorry, ma’am. I can’t let you in until I find you on the list.

Peach: I’ve been to every one of these fundraisers for seven years! I’m the Senator’s wife!

Senator: Peach! Over here!

Peach: Lyssie! Sorry — I was filling in at the Embassy again, and there was a bit of a skirmish —

Senator: Of course there was. Just try to win more quickly next time, won’t you?

It’s a lot harder to impress these donors without my stunning young trophy wife at my side.

Ceannic Senator
Lysidice Argyros

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*Twinge* Anyone else already have a bad impression of the senator?

My impression is pretty good. “Win faster” seems like a half-joking comment implying that she knows this is part of Peach’s job and her confidence that Peach can take care of herself. The trophy wife comment seems to be a joke, too, seeing as Peach hardly looks young. Peach seems to be taking the comments well, judging by her smile. Seems like they joke around together and I like that.

I guess. The facial expressions on the senator look more angry/annoyed than playful.

I think resting annoyed face is an occupational hazard of being a politician. Especially one who wants to actually accomplish something helpful to someone besides themselves. Also, even if she is actively annoyed, who is to say who she is annoyed at? If the bouncer insisting on finding Peach on the list has been around for a lot of the past seven years of fund raisers, and should know Peach by sight, there could very well be another target for the senator’s ire right in this comic. I’m explicitly not saying anything explicit about the myriad other possibilities that would exist for any important person at a fundraiser.

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